Science Answers: Will Vitamins Keep Me Healthy?

Each winter, millions of people come down with the common cold, the flu, or another respiratory illness. Taking vitamins is a┬átraditional remedy, but how well do they really work? Science actually has a lot to say about this. Whether you are a fan of big pharma or not, vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplementation for health … Continue reading Science Answers: Will Vitamins Keep Me Healthy?

At-Home Exercise: Incline Pushup

Push ups are an excellent way to build upper body strength. Push ups are also hard, especially if you are doing them correctly. Incline push ups are the right way to work your way down to the flat-on-the-floor traditional push up. I prefer this incline version to the from-your-knees version. The technique and body alignment … Continue reading At-Home Exercise: Incline Pushup

You’re Never Too Old…

The story: 104-year-old Ray Chavez, the oldest surviving veteran of the Pearl Harbor attack of World War II, is going to Hawaii for the 75th anniversary of the strike. He made the decision to go three years ago, and has been working with a trainer to help him physically prepare for the trip. At 104 … Continue reading You’re Never Too Old…

At-Home Exercise: Side Planks, Level 2

Ready for the next step? The Level 1 Side Plank is a great intro to this exercise, and though the positioning isn't all that different, the effect sure can be! It's important to note that if you aim for this version before you're ready, you can do more harm than good. The stabilizer muscles that … Continue reading At-Home Exercise: Side Planks, Level 2