Green capsicum bell peppers that look like they are screaming

Eat your veggies (Someone else will cook)

Good news everybody!

I’m always harping on about “Eat More Veggies”, because they are good for you.

Right now, eat more veggies might be a bit more challenging than usual, thanks to limited shopping opportunities and people not exactly buying what they need… (Are people hoarding fresh produce? You might actually still be ok on this one.) The whole “going outside” thing isn’t as much fun as it used to be either.

If you’re in Brisbane, I’ve got a solution for you. A good friend of mine is pivoting his business. Hay Gurl cafe is moving from storefront vegan/plant-based cafe to plant-based meal prep and delivery service. No contact home delivery, delicious (seriously delicious) food made from so many plants, that you don’t have to cook yourself. Heat and eat is a great option when everything else is not so great. (By the way, I get nothing for posting this. I just love the food and want to support local businesses.)

They make a Breakfast Toastie that I would literally break-and-enter for. Check out their stuff:


Instagram: Haygurl_cafe or @haygurl_cafe

You want in on the action? Sign up here and get notified when the next round of ordering opens.


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