Our new home for exercise coaching

One of the reasons I started HealthFit was to help people find ways to make health easier. It’s a pleasure to find likeminded clinics, which is why I’m so excited about joining forces with Urban Well. With a tagline of Simplifying Health and a collaborative approach, it’s a great option for health and exercise coaching, rehab, and preventative health care.

I’ve met tons of clients who struggle to stay as fit and healthy as they would like. As a result, they worry that when push comes to shove, they won’t be able to do what they want to – or have to. My entire health and exercise coaching approach is based in the idea that you don’t have to settle for anything. This means getting clear on your motivation and working with a tailored plan is a powerful place to start. Doing the work in the company of a supportive community is when the magic happens.

Urban Well provides this community in two ways. First and foremost, one of the founding principles of business is a client-centred collaborative plan. That means that the person you see at Urban Well communicates with everyone else on your health care team. Our goal for you is that your whole health care team is on the same page , and it’s less likely that every person gives you 30 minutes of homework to do every day! In addition, the team at Urban Well is always working to build a great community. It’s important that every person who comes through our doors feels supported and encouraged. Through stretching and strength classes, brain and body health workshops, and a great provider team, we hope to connect our clients to others doing the same work. It’s easier to stick with the changes when you’re not alone, and that’s what we are all about.

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