What is health coaching?

Urban Well is HealthFit Coaching‘s home for health coaching, where every clients gets a gold-standard science-based plan.

So much more than just “what to do, when to do it”, good health coaching is a collaborative process that helps you get the most out of your lifestyle. (Without making it no fun at all.)

I often joke with my friends about the busy-ness of adult life, and how I wish it were easier. (Honestly, who doesn’t?!) Real life is busy. When we look at something as complex as keeping ourselves in good health, it also becomes confusing.

Our health coaching relies on good science to help us understand how people respond to different approaches to a healthy lifestyle. We weed out the fads and stay current with the “gold standard” in preventative health care. The coaching process translates this information to you, so you don’t have to sift through the internet to learn what might work.

Ultimately, coaching helps you make the best choices. Since so many “healthy lifestyle” approaches work, the key is actually figuring out what works best for you. This means considering what’s realistic, and what’s appealing. The technically-best plan won’t work if you hate it! We make sure the steps fit in with your lifestyle, time, and commitments, so you’re already halfway to winning!

Our other difference is the supportive accountability┬áthat we offer. You work together with your coach to set your goals and create a plan to achieve them. You’ll dive deep into the steps, considering different options and thinking ahead to see how they’ll work for you. And your coach will be there to support, troubleshoot, and cheer you on as you get stronger, move easier, and feel better.

If you’re interested in how health coaching can help you, you can book a free initial call through the Urban Well website.

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