Exercise Physiology: Move Easily, Feel Great

Worried about starting an exercise program while also dealing with a health condition, injury, or ongoing pain? Whether you have a bad shoulder or a chronic disease, exercise physiology sessions are the right way to make a start on building your fitness and getting your health back on track.

The right exercise program can minimize or even resolve health challenges. HealthFit’s exercise physiology sessions provide just that, with over a decade of experience working with chronic health conditions, injury rehab, and muscle and joint conditions that can cause chronic pain.

We specialize in exercise programs for:

  • Active aging Maintaining energy, stamina, balance, agility, and gait (walking ability)
  • Musculoskeletal conditions Hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacements, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, late-stage rehab for muscle and joint injuries, general muscle and joint pain
  • Metabolic disease support Type 2 diabetes mellitus, overweight/obesity, cardiovascular and heart disease including high blood pressure

You can exercise safely and effectively. Go back to living life without worrying about your body.

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Need more info?

Exercise physiology is claimable with most private health insurance companies, and under Medicare with a GP-prescribed Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Exercise physiology sessions are available by appointment, in-home or in-office around Brisbane’s western suburbs including St Lucia, Sherwood, Chelmer, Oxley, Indooroopilly, Taringa, and Toowong, or online at your convenience.

In-clinic exercise physiology sessions are available at No More Knots Taringa.

Read the Exercise Physiology FAQs here.

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