About Erin Haske – Director, Principal Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach

I founded HealthFit Coaching to help you figure out how “healthy” works with your lifestyle.

bIO pICThe vast majority of my clients want to feel better, get healthy, and maybe lose a little weight. And they have been wanting to do this for years. Most haven’t succeeded – yet – because they aren’t sure who to listen to or where to start.  The information available on the internet, in the news, or in magazines is either too general, or WAY too specific or advanced. Don’t get lost in information overload. I can help you get healthy and feel great, safely and in a way that fits your lifestyle.

I can offer this expertise because I’ve been doing this for almost ten years. And I can do it well because I’m human, and have the same struggles that you do. Really. I wasn’t an athletic kid growing up, so starting to exercise was challenging for me. I’m a cancer survivor, so I truly understand how our bodies sometimes fight against us, mentally and physically. I loooooove to eat. I know all about the lure of the potato chips. And I know how to help you figure out when to indulge, and when to stay strong, because I walk that path myself.

Beyond being a health coach and an exercise physiologist, I’m most importantly a problem solver. I get SO EXCITED watching my clients succeed in figuring out how to make healthy habits work for them. I love watching my people stay active through appropriate exercise, lose weight through healthy and enjoyable eating habits, and just plain feel great with an effortlessly healthy lifestyle. I make sure to set you up for success by collaborating with you to create a plan that both fits your lifestyle and meets your goals. Aren’t you ready to start feeling better?