HealthFit Coaching Workshops provide practical, easy to implement health, fitness, and wellness tools that let each person take action to improve their health in an individualized way. Learn how to plan an effective exercise program, stretch away that at-the-desk posture, or stay active while juggling the demands of life!

A hands-on health experience, workshops are open to the public, or can be arranged specifically for your corporate health needs. Read more about the most popular workshops below, or send in your idea – we’re always looking for new topics!

Start SMART: Exercise Plans That Work

Rather than just workout, work SMART. Learn how to set smart exercise goals, plan for success, and even how to overcome common barriers. Don’t waste your time – find your health and fitness quickly and efficiently, the SMART way.

Balanced Body: The Building Blocks of Health

Work, family, hobbies, social life… Health? With so much on our plates, it can be hard to find the balance between the demands of life and our physical health – usually we are just so busy we don’t even think about it! Learn pro tips for maintaining a healthy body and mind, even while juggling everything life throws at you.

Hit Refresh: Combating Computer Posture

Spending all day at a desk is hard on your body. This hands-on workshop teaches simple, office-friendly exercises to decrease muscle tension and soreness, improve posture, and get you moving. Hit refresh and feel better.

The Five-Minute Workout

Five minute workouts can be more effective than an hour in the gym. Learn to use the exercise opportunities hidden in your day, and discover how five minutes will help you get fit and feeling great. Become a Five Minute Workout warrior.