Work, family, hobbies, social life… Health? With so much on our plates, it can be hard to find balance.  Covering the building blocks of good health and fitness, we’ll discuss how each element impacts your well-being, talk about common barriers to good health, and brainstorm how to make your building blocks stronger and more balanced. You’ll leave with a strong plan for a getting healthy without even breaking a sweat!


  • Learn about how key elements of health and fitness affect you
  • Create strategies to overcome obstacles to your health and fitness.
  • Plan small, easy to achieve changes to your lifestyle to quickly improve your health.

What to Expect at This Workshop
In addition to learning about the key elements of great health (your building blocks), you’ll have the chance to exchange ideas and share strategies in making better health choices for yourself. Please note that there is no active exercise component to this workshop – come dressed however you like! There will also be a casual question and answer period at the end of the workshop, where you can ask your coach about your health and fitness concerns.

This workshop is great for corporate health days, or get your friends and family together to learn how to create a supportive and healthy environment for all. This workshop is also offered periodically around Brisbane and elsewhere in Australia on request.