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Exercise & Fitness Programs

Remember when you never had to worry about doing something because it might make your back hurt? Or your shoulder, or knee?

Life can be hard on your body.

Daily activities mean you develop tension in muscles and wear and tear in joints, leading to decreased strength and fitness, aches and pains, fat gain and loss of muscle. Dealing with this can make it difficult to get started or stick with an exercise program, no matter how much you want to. This can snowball into more muscle tension, wear and tear, and aches and pains, and the cycle can continue.

Exercise can help. Here’s how. 

Throughout your lifespan, your body maintains an incredible ability to adapt, rebuild, and make positive changes. That means even in middle age and beyond, you can make great progress, and you can do it safely and confidently. All programs and sessions are designed by an accredited exercise physiologist based on your specific situation and needs. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll regain easy movement, get back your energy, and live pain free – and worry free!

An exercise program to suit you

Your exercise program can help you stick with the workouts you already have but aren’t doing, or you can combine it with an exercise physiology session to have a workout designed just for you. The key is in the coaching, helping you figure out how you can actually make it work. You can choose a program focus such as:

  • Finding time in your week to exercise
  • Increase flexibility to maintain movement and decrease joint pain
  • Improve your posture with feel-good workouts
  • Exercising when you aren’t in the mood
  • Staying consistent with workouts
  • Toning up and slimming down: Exercise for fat loss

Or focus on another element of health and fitness with a custom tailored program. Not sure what the best option is? Get in touch! We can set up time for a chat, and figure out together how coaching will work specifically for you.

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