Exercise well

What does it mean to exercise well?

The latest “best way to get fit” is all over the internet, in magazines, and on TV, all the time. But if there was one “best way to get fit”, they wouldn’t be constantly coming out with new ones.

To exercise well is really to exercise right for your body. That means finding the type or types of exercise you like (or don’t hate), as well as figuring out how hard to work, and how much to do. It also means figuring out how you want to feel after a workout. Some people crave the rush of shattering limits as they finish a hard session, and others prefer the low-key approach of slow and steady movement. None of these are wrong (provided they don’t hurt you).

There is at least a little trial-and-error inherent in figuring this all out. (I can’t stress this enough!) Of course that’s frustrating, and sometimes downright off-putting. In my opinion though, better to work through that trial and error to get to something that you can stick with. Because ultimately, consistency is what creates sustainable progress – in other words, it gets you what you want.

My goal is make exercise easier and more efficient, every step of the way. I want to help you understand your options, create realistic expectations, and help you plan how to make exercise or any physical activity fit in with your lifestyle. In order for things to work in the long term, they need to be simple and realistic. With my coaching clients, I do this as a collaborative process. We sit down to brainstorm ideas and plans, and when plans don’t work, we figure out how to change them. This blog is here to share those ideas. Please read, share, and be confident that you can exercise well, get fit, and stay healthy.