bIO pICI’ve been working with health, fitness, and nutrition clients for more than ten years, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Our bodies are fascinating, and our ability to impact our physical and mental health and fitness through diet and exercise is phenomenal. A desire to simplify better health and fitness is what drove me to launch HealthFit Coaching.

I’ve watched people struggle with information overload and end up confused by contradictions in the health and fitness media. Worse, time and again I’ve seen people give up on their health, overwhelmed by all the changes they think they “should” make.

I truly believe it doesn’t have to be hard to live a healthy life, and to reap all the benefits that come with it. I actually believe it can be simple, straightforward, and enjoyable, and in the course of my career, I’ve become an expert in helping people figure it all out.

I can offer this expertise because I’ve been doing this for a decade. And I can do it well because I’m human, and have the same struggles that you do. Really. I wasn’t an athletic kid growing up, so starting to exercise was challenging for me. I’m a cancer survivor, so I truly understand how our bodies sometimes fight against us, mentally and physically. I loooooove to eat. I know all about the lure of the potato chips. And I know how to help you figure out when to indulge, and when to stay strong, because I walk that path myself.

To back up my lived experience, I’ve travelled a career path that’s taken me from professional rugby union to working with clients living with chronic pain and health conditions, where I’ve used exercise and nutrition advice and – my favorite part – a ton of personal support to help people achieve a better quality of life. To provide the best information and gold-standard guidance, I’ve built on my Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise Physiology) by earning additional qualifications in soft tissue therapy (Diploma of Remedial Massage), functional movement assessment (FMS) and nutrition and behavior change coaching (Precision Nutrition). I love the study of the human body and mind, and I’m passionate about using knowledge to live our best lives. I’ll never stop driving my own education to get the best for my clients.

In practice, I’m not a fan of the lifestyle overhaul. It’s often unsustainable, and not a lot of fun. Many healthy options already exist within our current lifestyles. My goal is to help you leverage them to maximize success and minimize stress at the same time. Small swaps and baby steps have historically led to sustainable results, and in the end, that’s what we all want.