Health Coaching: Get Healthy, Get Fit, Feel Great

HealthFit Coaching has a mission: To make everyday health and fitness simple.

Ditch premature aging and get back to what your body used to do. HealthFit Coaching wants you to feel great, move easily, be pain free, and enjoy life more. We want you to be healthy with more more energy, fewer aches, pains, and pills, a body you love, and the opportunity to make the most of every day… Healthy feels good!  

We make it easy to make healthy choices by providing a simple, straightforward plan, research-based information, practical guidance, and guilt-free support. Your coaching program may help you do any or all of the following:

  • Live a more active lifestyle/exercise: Getting you moving safely, effectively, enjoyably.
  • Make healthy food choices: No diets. Healthy food can be easy, delicious, and intuitive.
  • Sleep well: Wake up well-rested and feeling great.
  • Lose the stress: Keeping you calm in the chaos of life.
  • Enjoy life more: Healthier often means happier, and we all deserve them both!

You’ll uncover the healthy options already available within your current lifestyle, and you may even get out of your comfort zone a little – when you’re ready! Your choice will help you maximize the healthy choices that are right for you, and where needed, will work side by side with your medical team to help you manage chronic health conditions, rehab bad backs and bad knees, or if you’re already in good health, to stay that way!

What makes HealthFit Coaching different?

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit here. We can always provide ideas, but you won’t simply be handed an exercise program or meal plan and told to follow the directions. Instead, you’ll get the “all about you” approach.

Your coach will take the time to listen to your story, get to know you, support you while you explore the healthy choices that you’re interested in making, and help you master the areas that you feel make the most different to your health, fitness, and happiness. Your coach will act as an adviser, helping you prioritize your goals, plan your progress, and stick with the choices you really prefer to make, even on the days when pizza and Netflix seem like the most appealing options.

What happens if the plan doesn’t work? As a team, you and your coach make adjustments until it does. There are many roads to Rome – let HealthFit help you find one that lets you enjoy the journey.

About HealthFit Coaching

HealthFit Coaching was created to relieve the frustration caused by the conflicting messages and information-overload put out by health, fitness, and wellness media and personalities. The information you will find on these pages is based on scientific evidence, or at the very least, strong, well-accepted anecdotal data (basically, the things we understand to be true, but aren’t sure why or haven’t been well studied). We want you to be confident that your heathy choices will truly be good for you!

The HealthFit Coaching goals are to:

  • Remove the confusion surrounding health and fitness information. There is so much conflicting information out there. You’ll get clear, research-backed information about the health, fitness, and nutrition topics that relate to your life, keeping you from information overload and providing you with a clear understanding of what is actually healthy.
  • Provide simple, understandable, and practical health and fitness guidance that fits into your lifestyle. The “best” choices aren’t so great if you hate them. Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain good health or make improvements.  You get options!
  • Take the guilt out of not being perfect! Life happens. Sometimes you skip a workout or eat an extra piece of cake. No problem! Lower stress levels correlate strongly with better health, so a major part of the coaching process is to support you whether you’re making progress in leaps and bounds, or hanging back and treading water.
  • Be your trusted source for health and fitness information. We like science, and like understanding why and how the choices we make impact our bodies. By providing evidence-based information, you can be confident that what you read here has a basis in fact. Less worry = more happy. That’s what we’re all about.

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