Middle age men and women swimming freestyle for fitness

Health Coaching Programs

Move well, feel great, and enjoy life more with health coaching programs that really work. 

HealthFit Coaching offers more than just trustworthy information about health and fitness. You can also take your next step towards better health, with science-based approaches and flexible plans designed to fit you. 

Get pain-free and fit 

Fix aching joints and stiff muscles. Build strength, stamina, fitness, and energy. A program designed for your body helps you take the right steps towards pain-free living, no matter your age or starting point. Our exercise physiology programs are run out of Urban Well in East Brisbane. 

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Set yourself up for success

Our approach to health coaching means helping you figure out what works and what doesn’t – for you. Armed with current best-practices according to research, improving your health is broken down into manageable steps that fit easily into your lifestyle. Our health coaching programs are run out of Urban Well in East Brisbane. 

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Opting in to a health coaching program or exercise physiology plan automatically expands your support network by at least one: Your health coach or exercise physiologist. Plus, we connect you to other allied health providers (if you need them), and help you get more support from your family and friends.

Through our workshops, group classes, and semi-private exercise physiology sessions, you’ll also meet other like-minded people. They help you stay on track and consistent. Even better, you help them too, just by showing up!

By learning about your body in a mindful, focused manner, you better understand what works to keep you healthy. This helps you confidently make lifestyle choices that are better for your health. It also helps you make better-informed medical decisions, since you’re more connected with your body. Ultimately, you are the expert in what works for you. Our job is to help you feel that way!