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Three Steps to Feeling Great

Movement is one of the four key areas of health used in the HealthFit approach, and a great tool to improve your health and feel better – our end goal! To help you achieve it, we provide a three-step framework that takes the seemingly overwhelming process of increasing fitness and strength, and turns it into something … Continue reading Three Steps to Feeling Great

Label Reading 101: How To Pick Healthy Foods

Flip a packaged food over and have a look at the info on the back. Lots of numbers, big words, tiny print. Any wonder people get confused? Reading labels can be an effort – at least when you aren’t used to it. But they are also a treasure trove of information about how that food … Continue reading Label Reading 101: How To Pick Healthy Foods

The Right Way To Breathe During Exercise

In my ten-plus years of training and coaching, I’ve often been asked about the right way to breathe when you’re exercising. Good news, team!  It’s a simple, easy answer: Breathe naturally. With most exercise, there is no additional benefit to inhaling or exhaling at a certain point with the movement, or breathing in or out through … Continue reading The Right Way To Breathe During Exercise

Three Protein-Packed Snacks

Quick and easy, once the prep is done these snacks are pretty much grab-and-go. Protein is really important. From helping to maintain muscle mass, to keeping you full and preventing not-so-great food choices, to ensuring your immune system is running on all cylinders, protein is a critical component of your day to day diet. Your … Continue reading Three Protein-Packed Snacks

Staying Informed About Your Health Care – A How-To List

Going to the doctor or other health care practitioner can be stressful, and it’s easy to feel rushed when you’re at an appointment. It’s quite often “hurry up and wait”, and that pressure can lead us to rush through our part of the visit as well. We worry we’ll seem slow on the uptake if … Continue reading Staying Informed About Your Health Care – A How-To List

Knowledge Is Power

I recently read an interesting article in the New York Times Health section discussing informed consent in medical treatment. Sounds exciting, right? Informed consent – a term your doctor probably uses quickly, if at all – sounds in-depth and jargon-y and like it will take a long, painful time to get through, and I’m sick … Continue reading Knowledge Is Power

Exercise For Older Adults, Part 2

In the first part of this series, we discussed the difference between physical activity and exercise. Let’s get more in-depth. There are four types of exercise and activity that will provide the greatest benefit: Resistance training These are the exercises that are often the highest intensity. Good thing you don’t need to do a whole … Continue reading Exercise For Older Adults, Part 2