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Fast Facts: Dietary Fiber

Also spelled dietary fibre - gotta love English! Dietary fibers encompass a vast array of digestion-resistant components found in plant-based foods. They fall into two basic categories: Soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, which have different benefits for the digestive tract. Soluble fibers are found predominantly in fruits, vegetables, legumes like beans and lentils, and plant … Continue reading Fast Facts: Dietary Fiber

Very Veggie San Choi Bao

If there's one thing I love, it's delicious food. If there's one things I love even more, it's delicious food that also happens to be healthy! San choi bao has long been a family favorite. The traditional recipe is a flavored mince (ground pork) served in lettuce cups, which makes it perfect for low-carb and … Continue reading Very Veggie San Choi Bao

How To Be Happy

Happiness has demonstrated health benefits, including decreased risk of heart disease and stroke, and there is scientific evidence that happiness is more than just the absence of sadness or depression. Indeed, there is considerable evidence that we have a great deal of control over our happiness levels. Written to be your choice of a quick … Continue reading How To Be Happy

Small Win Saturday: Finding Friends Leads To Success!

Small wins are the little things that give us a (big) boost, and lots of small wins add up to big changes and powerful breakthroughs. Small Win Saturdays are where we share a tiny-but-awesome thing that happened to a HealthFitter or a HealthFit coach in the last week. Try it out for your a mental … Continue reading Small Win Saturday: Finding Friends Leads To Success!

More On Exercise For Stress Management

Do you remember your last big job interview or exam? How did you feel? Ugh, stress. Whether it comes from your job, family demands, a bank balance or an overcrowded calendar, stress is a fact of life. We’ve all experienced the impact of stress on a day, week, month – or even longer. I’m sure … Continue reading More On Exercise For Stress Management

Perfect Portions Made Easy

Calorie counting to manage meals and portion sizes? We've got a handy trick for you! Counting calories or points, keeping a food diary, or otherwise painstakingly tracking food intake is a chore, at least for most. While it can certainly be effective in bringing awareness to your portion sizes and meals, the time and effort … Continue reading Perfect Portions Made Easy

Food Friday: Instant “Overnight” Oats

I'm a big fan of oatmeal for both enjoyment and health reasons, but in the middle of summer a hot breakfast is less... enticing. Overnight oats are a good solution for this. Mix them all up and stick them in the fridge, and in the morning you have a great cold breakfast. ...Except that I … Continue reading Food Friday: Instant “Overnight” Oats

What You WON’T Get With HealthFit

Every single day thousands of people decide they are going to make a lifestyle change for the better, and they are EXCITED.  They seek help with the process from personal trainers, nutritionist and dietitians, doctors, and even family and friends. It's all too common to see the excitement and motivation fade after a couple of … Continue reading What You WON’T Get With HealthFit

Stress-Busting Moves: Exercise for Stress Management

I was chatting with a client yesterday who mentioned that she might not get another session in before the new year. She's been working hard for the last several months, and has had a significant mindset change - regular low-intensity work outs, a shift in eating habits, managing her stress levels like a pro, and … Continue reading Stress-Busting Moves: Exercise for Stress Management

Healthy Made Easy: Avoiding Effort Overload

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years, and in that time I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with a lot of these people. Most start off excited and enthusiastic – this is their third time starting, and this time they’re really … Continue reading Healthy Made Easy: Avoiding Effort Overload