Kick Start Coaching 
Your roadmap to healthy, fit, and happy.

If you are ready to make positive changes but aren’t sure where to start, this is the coaching option for you. Kick Start Coaching follows a structured plan that covers the most important elements of the four key areas of health – movement, food, sleep, and stress management. You’ll learn how your approach to these areas can shape your health, and why each element is important to consider. You’ll be given clear, understandable information relevant to each element, and you can be confident that this information is accurate and will actually work! Using this information, the structured framework, and your coach’s guidance, you’ll develop your own individual approach, ensuring that each new healthy choice you make is a perfect fit for you.

Each session covers a specific topic, presented in the order that will give you the most effective and efficient progress. The complete structured program includes 15 topics, however there is no minimum commitment – complete as many or as few of the topics as you feel are necessary.


  • One 60-minute one-on-one coaching session based on one of the 15 structured topics, resulting in your progress plan
  • Session recap (via email) to ensure plan clarity
  • Up to four weeks of unlimited email support to help you stay on track and clarify any points arising from your session(s)
  • Informative handouts to support your efforts
  • Your own take-home coaching pack to help you stay on track with your progress plan

Investment: $120 per session
5 sessions for $500

For your best results, we recommend starting with one session of Tailored Coaching. This allows greater time to be spent understanding your starting point and challenges, discussing your goals, and exploring exactly how Kick Start Coaching can be personalized to work for you.

Sessions can be completed in-person at your chosen location or our office space, or via phone, Skype, or Facebook Messenger.