A fast healthy lunch of Asian soba noodle salad or soup with chicken and vegetables

Healthy Eating Support

The biggest hurdles to healthy eating are lifestyle and habits.

Most people know that we should all be eating more vegetables and less chocolate. Healthy Eating Support sessions help you figure out how. Together we’ll create a sustainable, personalised, no-diet approach to everyday eating, focusing on what you enjoy and what fits into your lifestyle. And there’s still room for treats.

Each session focus will be different, like the examples below, and we’ll create an achievable plan to make it a new habit. Learn about:

  • Designing your own meal plans easily
  • Healthy eating on the go, including snacking and packed lunches
  • Making healthy choices at the supermarket and when eating out
  • Alternatives to stress-eating and eating when bored
  • Cooking how-to and meal strategies, including portion sizes and appetite awareness
  • A healthy approach to enjoying treats
  • Discovering new foods and meal ideas

Please note: At HealthFit Coaching, we don’t provide medical nutrition plans for managing health conditions with diet. If you’re looking for this, please consult with a dietician.