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How It Works

What do you get with in-home exercise physiology and healthy eating support sessions?

With HealthFit Coaching, you get everything you need to move easily and be pain free, stay fit, and feel great. All sessions include:


The In-Home Sessions

Ditch the gym and enjoy the convenience of working out at home. Your sessions will teach you how to exercise at home safely and efficiently. We’ll help you figure out how to use the space you have well and give you lots of options, and will make sure you’re nailing your technique and form, so you’re always at low injury risk. We can also train outdoors in a park or another location of your choosing. If you’re here for healthy eating support, we’ll create a plan of action that will help you develop healthy food habits that stick.


No Equipment Required

You can work out without a home gym. We’ll bring everything you need for your session, using bodyweight exercise, bands, suspension trainers, and other versatile training equipment to keep you interested. And if you want to pick up some of this equipment for use between sessions, we’ll help you source the best deals so you can keep moving.


Written Training Plans

If you really want to make progress, you’ll need to keep up the good work. You’ll get a written training plan at the end of each session that will outline your exercise schedule until we meet again. This is designed based on your preferred exercise times, how much time you have available, and what you like to do. And of course, your training plan is also designed with your goal in mind! Healthy eating support sessions also provide written plans so that you can stick with them without needing to think too much.


Unlimited Coaching Support

You’re NOT on your own the second we walk out the door. To keep you motivated and accountable, you’ll get regular check-ins via your choice of text or email. If you’ve got questions about exercise technique or your training plans, you can reach out to us anytime and get an answer within 24 hours (and usually much faster).


Extra Bonuses

HealthFit is partnered with a range of allied health and fitness providers that can keep you in great shape with preventative and feel-good treatments and products. These partners occasionally offer HealthFit clients special deals, so you get extra bang for your buck. When we get a special deal on a remedial massage, healthy food or cooking classes, or something else that will keep you moving and feel great, you’ll be the first to know!


Interesting Info

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t happen with just a workout here and there. If you sign up for email updates, you’ll receive other interesting ideas, tricks and tips, recipes, and approaches for a healthy lifestyle. HealthFit Coaching is science- and research-based, so you can trust that the info you get is legitimate and good for you. No fads, thanks!


You’ll get access to all of this right away when you sign up for a one month Starter Pack, so why wait?


If you still want more info, contact HealthFit and find out what your program will do for you.