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Nutrition Coaching FAQs

Every aspect of health and fitness is impacted by your food choices. Discover how enjoyable and delicious healthy food is. You can even have seconds.

Do I need to follow a specific diet?

Not at all. Nutrition and healthy eating coaching program are tailored for you. That means we take your likes and dislikes into account, lifestyle, and physical needs into account, and design guidelines with built-in flexibility so that they can be sustained for the long-run.

What will happen during my first session?

All coaching clients will be asked for some basic information regarding current habits and lifestyle, health history, and goals prior to starting. This information, including the points below, will provide the basis for your coaching program.

  • Your goals – Health, fitness, or food-related
  • Your health history – What needs to be taken into consideration when planning changes to your eating habits
  • Any challenges you’re facing – What do you struggle with the most?
  • Your food choice priorities – What would you most like to change, and what will have the biggest, most immediate impact on your health, fitness, and wellbeing

We’ll use this information to create individualized guidelines to help you eat well, enjoy it, and stick with it! You’ll put the plan in action, and review progress with your coach at your next session.

Please note: HealthFit Coaching does not provide medical nutrition advice and can’t give you a diet plan to help you manage a specific medical condition. But we will happily work with your dietitian to help you successfully stick with and enjoy their recommendations!

What happens in my second session and onwards?

In your second and subsequent sessions, you’ll review your plan from the previous session with your coach.

The big question always is: How’s it working for you?

If it’s working well, we’ll build on the plan, addressing your next priority. If you’re feeling challenged, we’ll troubleshoot the plan, come up with different ideas to address the challenges. Unlike most diets, your coaching program will be designed to be supportive and sustainable, and it’s flexible enough to ensure your success and enjoyment.

Do I need to buy a package of sessions or sign a contract?

There is no minimum commitment. Most clients choose to work with a 4-week coaching program, as it gives you time, accountability, and support in creating lasting changes in eating habits. Single sessions are also available with no minimum number required.

What are the session fees?

Nutrition and healthy eating coaching session is $105 per hour session. Additional pricing information, including information on 4-week coaching programs, is available here.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Nutrition coaching is available by appointment in-home or in-office, in Brisbane’s western suburbs including St Lucia, Sherwood, Chelmer, Oxley, Indooroopilly, Taringa, and Toowong, or online at your convenience.

How do I get started?

Click the button and get in touch! We can set up time for a chat, and figure out together how nutrition and healthy eating coaching will help you make friends again with your food.

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