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Nutrition & Healthy Eating Coaching Programs

Get ready to make friends with your food.

Once you hit your mid-30s, your metabolism starts to slow down and you start to lose muscle mass. This means you’re burning fewer calories on a daily basis, without even getting to relax more. Bummer!

These changes are so slow that you’re often unaware of them until you’ve got some extra squish around the middle and no idea what do to about it, other than “go on a diet”.  But what if your “diet” was simply a balanced approach to healthy eating?

HealthFit’s nutrition and healthy eating coaching will give you that balance. You’ll work with your coach to uncover the best approach for your body, without relying on any of the overwhelming number of diets available. There’s no calorie counting, and no strict plans you need to follow. You’ll learn tricks and tips for making healthy eating easy, and enjoy eating well, in every sense.

Learn more about nutrition and healthy eating coaching from these frequently asked questions. If you’re ready, jump ahead and choose a program focus from:

  • Portion control without counting calories
  • Choosing the right foods to fill your plate and lose weight
  • Staying well hydrated
  • Mindful meals – Prevent overeating without depriving yourself
  • Smart snacking habits
  • Healthy meals on the go (choose from breakfasts, lunches, or dinners)
  • Planning and prep for easy, healthy meals (choose from breakfasts, lunches, or dinners)

Or focus on another element of nutrition and healthy eating with a custom tailored program for no extra investment. Not sure what the best option is? Get in touch! We can set up time for a chat, and figure out together how coaching will work specifically for you.

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