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What’s In It For You?

Your exercise physiologist is your partner in progress. Whether you want a kick-start or to ease into it, a safe exercise program and healthy eating support will result in pain-free movement, more energy, and better health. We use simple, practical, evidence-based concepts to make sure you get the most out of every session. Get the right support, and get started for the last time.

Be heard, understood, and supported

“One of Erin’s great abilities is to listen. She spent quite a bit of time talking and getting to know me and understand my strengths and weaknesses. To help her gain a better understanding of my life and life style she spoke to my husband to see what his thoughts and level of support were for me. Using this knowledge Erin provided a program specific to me and my needs.”  – Rose, 53 years old

Keep your body moving without pain

“At the time I started, I was struggling with rheumatoid arthritis and obesity and any exercise was a challenge. As a direct result of Erin’s patience and understanding I have lost over 20kg and I now have more strength, flexibility and endurance than I can recall ever having.”  – Christine, 55 years old

Make healthy food choices easily

“I have worked with many trainers and coaches over the last 30 years and this ranks above them all! Erin is professional, motivating, knowledgeable, reliable and nothing short of incredibly awesome. Her indescribably balanced and effective approach is matched by her positive attitude, her wonderful insight and great sense of humor. Erin instills confidence and encouragement creating results for her clients.” – Michelle, 58 years old

Restore your movement abilities and energy levels

“I attended workouts three times per week with a small private group ranging in age and fitness levels. She showed tremendous knowledge of body mechanics and muscle function and was capable of assessing individual abilities and goals of each client to challenge and benefit each one of us. She zeroed in on an old hip injury of mine and corrected it releasing tightness and pain that I lived with for many years. In a short time, I gained strength and flexibility with the added bonus of weight loss and improved overall tone and energy.” – Mark, 62 years old

Develop a new outlook on your health

“Erin isn’t just a trainer who helps you lose a few kilos; she helps you change your habits, behavior, and perspective on fitness, in order to stay healthy in the long-term, and I don’t think many trainers can claim to have that lasting impact on the people they work with. She became a mentor to me as well as a fitness advisor – she’s that energetic and committed and passionate about what she does.”  – Abby, 38 years old

Make the most of what life has to offer

“My sessions have changed things in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible. I’ve never had a sport and I have an aversion to exercise. After decades doing nothing more strenuous than walking a dog, I started working with Erin 10 months ago. I’ve gained strength and flexibility and a different attitude about what I can do and how my body works. The hour with her zips past, and I go back to work feeling energized, centered, and so much better. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it works.” – Nora, 68 years old


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