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What’s OUR Why?

Welcome to HealthFit!

Our Principal Coach, Erin Haske, shares some quick thoughts on the WHY behind what we do at HealthFit Coaching.

(Spoiler: It’s all about you.)

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Not a fan of video? Here’s a recap:

HealthFit Coaching is all about making a healthy lifestyle simple. Health and fitness can be so confusing. There’s a ton of information about healthy eating (diets, ick), fitness and workouts, and overall health and lifestyle choices you can make. It’s hard to know what’s true, what’s sage, and what is actually going to work.

That’s where we come in. We’ll take the science and match it with your preferred lifestyle, so you can move towards having the health, fitness, strength, energy, and life that you want. We’re all about sharing, so have a look around the blog, sign up for the newsletter, and take the first steps. If and when you need a hand, we’re here to help, with exercise physiology and personal training programs, nutrition coaching, and the accountability you want to keep yourself on track. We’re ready when you are.