• Healthy pantry = healthy eating habits

    My friend Dave and I were talking on our most recent podcast about things that make healthy eating easier. One trick that helps me consistently eat healthy is keeping my pantry and freezer stocked. This makes it easy for me to throw a few things together, mix-and-match style, and eat well in every sense of… Read more

  • What does it mean to be healthy?

    What does it mean to be healthy?

    What is health? Great question. But more importantly: What does it mean to you to be healthy? I think it’s a very valuable question to ask, especially if you are considering making some lifestyle changes to move yourself in a healthy direction.  There’s a standard dictionary definition of healthy: Showing physical, mental, or emotional well-being;… Read more

  • Why soft tissue work is important when you exercise

    Soft tissue work, or care, as I like to think of it, means looking after the muscles and other tissues that help you move. This is a key ingredient in getting fit without getting injured. And it’s not just for athletes or gym junkies. Even if your workout routine is a low-key walk after dinner,… Read more

  • Do I really need a personal trainer? 

    Do I really need a personal trainer? 

    Whether or not you need a personal trainer comes down to a few factors. One, how confident are you in being in a gym, or in designing your own workouts? Two, how much accountability are you looking for? I’d argue that with a bit of instruction (the internet is full of great resources) anyone can… Read more

  • Questions on: Side crunches & Reading during cardio

    Questions on: Side crunches & Reading during cardio

    Ask your health and fitness questions here, and get answers that you can actually use. Whether it’s help with motivation, safe and effective exercise programs, or how movement can impact general health, you’ll find common sense info here. Will side crunches make my waist boxy? Nope! A “boxy” looking waist will come from shoulders and… Read more

  • Podcast: Choosing a group fitness class

    Podcast: Choosing a group fitness class

    Love the idea of just turning up to the gym and not needing to think about what you’ll do? Group fitness is for you. Whether you are looking for strength building, cardio fitness, better balance and flexibility, or almost anything else, gym classes have you covered. You can even find specialised classes like heavy metal… Read more