Hi! I’m Erin

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade, and have worked with hundreds of people every year. Most of my clients over the years have been in the 40+ age bracket, are short on time or energy, and maybe don’t like going to the gym. But they’ve also been starting to realize that if they want to go into their next decades feeling good, they might need to make some changes.

HealthFit Coaching is your framework for these changes. There’s a gap in the health and fitness industry, overlooking people who are interested in getting healthy and feeling good without committing to a drastic lifestyle overhaul. The programs and coaching services I offer fill in that gap. Instead of pointing you towards the extreme diets and high intensity workouts popular in the media, I’ll guide you towards your goals with practical, common sense, step-by-step approaches that will work for you and your body.

Regardless of age or physical starting point, we all have a tremendous capacity for positive change. I’m excited to help people discover that they can feel better, look great, move easily, and enjoy life more. I want you to stay energetic, feel strong and empowered, age well, and not worry about whether you can handle what life throws at you. There’s nothing more gratifying than that!

Erin Haske on the beach at Coochiemudlo island

Education and Qualifications

BS (Hons) (Health Sciences – Exercise Physiology)

Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Dip. Remedial Massage / Precision Nutrition / Functional Movement Systems