Live better, longer

Learn the tricks to making good habits stick.

Get the accountability, support, and encouragement you need.

Surprise yourself by easily making progress.

Move your body = Feel better

When you don’t move enough, everything gets stiff, from your muscles to the blood vessels in your brain. Movement doesn’t have to mean a high intensity workout; simple things are also effective.

Eat real food = Feel better

Real food has ingredients you can say. Eating well is about healthy food most of the time. You should be allowed cake.

Sleep better = Feel better

We are chronically sleep deprived, and don’t even know it. Simple changes make each night progressively better.

Stress less = Feel better

More movement, better food, and better sleep automatically decrease stress. Keep stress low by making these actions automatic.

Blog: Your Q&As

There is so much information out there about health, fitness. and well-being. Submit your own questions, learn what applies to you, and how to use it.

Online Programs

Safe exercise for joint pain? Check. Building your own motivation and healthy habits? Also check. Be guided through the process of feeling better.

In-Person Services

Working face-to-face with a coach is the ultimate in accountability, support, and encouragement. Discover what a little help can do for your health.

I’ve never felt so supported and well taken care of. I didn’t think I’d stick with it, but I found out how flexible the programs are and I’m really enjoying it.

– Jenny, 57