Why Habit Coaching? 

It’s nicer than going on a diet or smashing yourself with exercise (two of the most common things people start with when they want to improve their health). The fitness industry often tells us only certain types of exercises or food will get you results. And the results promised are usually aesthetic in nature: How to look good. A wholesale change to your food habits or jumping straight into an everyday gym routine may indeed do the trick to get your health back in shape. But using these “go hard” tools makes it hard to stick with it.  

Healthy habit coaching helps people like you to regain and maintain good health. This happens by developing many small habits that lead to big results. The focus can be on fitness or weight loss, but equally can be on improving health markers like cholesterol, blood pressure, or insulin levels. Coaching can even set you up to manage stress and sleep better. 

How Does Healthy Habit Coaching Work?

It starts with a conversation. We talk about you and the goals you want to achieve, or the changes that you want to make. We’ll discuss what’s motivating you, and what changes are the most important to make. This information helps determine what steps to focus on first. 

For most people, the “small habits” approach is a winner. We look at all the different things that you could do to make your desired changes happen. We break them down into ever smaller steps, until there’s a list of things that, individually, you could look at and think “I can easily do that – no big deal.” This list can might be long, and that’s fine. We’ll choose what to focus on and how you want to make sure you accomplish your steps. In this way, we can keep the focus on process goals and let the outcome – your results – take care of itself.

How do I get started?

There’s no time like the present. Please get in touch! We’ll schedule a chat and get you moving back toward whatever healthy means for you.