HealthFit’s Coaching Process

Walking along coronation drive in BrisbaneThe health coaching process is unique to each client. Regardless of whether you want nutrition coaching, better exercise habits, or just a new lifestyle approach, we use a standard framework that helps you stay on track for success.

The 4-week coaching block outlined below is the standard format. Individual coaching sessions follow the format of the first coaching session, and 12-week coaching blocks repeat the 4-week process three times, netting you a total of three new healthy habits!

A typical 4-week health coaching block

(Two coaching sessions, guidance and education materials, regular check-ins for support and accountability.)

Prior to the first coaching session:
Complete your Initial Info survey, which covers basic information like health history and current lifestyle, challenges, and goals.

During the first coaching session:

  • Start with a zero-judgement chat about overall lifestyle and how you’re currently approaching exercise, eating and drinking, sleep, and stress management.
  • Define and refine your biggest goals. With your coach, create step-by-step short term goals that will lead to achieving the big one in the most efficient way possible.
  • You and your coach will break it down into the actions and behaviors that will lead to success. You’ll leave with a clear progress plan for implementing changes and making headway.

During weeks 1-2:
Put your progress plan into action! Implement your day to day plans to build healthy skills and habits. Accountability and support from your coach comes from regular check-ins.

During the second coaching session:
Get together with your coach to debrief what’s going well, what’s challenging, and what tweaks would make things even easier. You’ll move forward with even more confidence.

During weeks 3-4:
Your upgraded skills will help cement your new, healthier normal, with continued check-ins to keep you supported and on track. You’ll have a final catch-up at the end of the 4 weeks, when you can decide on…

Your next step

On your own: 
The ultimate goal is that you don’t need us! If you’ve got a good handle on the steps you need to take to reach your goal, give it a shot on your own. We’re always here for a refresh if needed.

The standard 4-week coaching process: 
Keep up the progress with another 4-week block. Continue to work on the previous step, or get to work on a new skill. The process is the same as the initial coaching block.

Commit to a longer term:
Sign up for a 12-week coaching block, following the same process. Your commitment is rewarded with a discounted investment.

Come back for a refresh:
Sign up for a single one-on-one coaching session, just like those from your initial coaching block.