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Unlock a Healthier You

Exercise Physiology

Discover the benefits of our exercise physiology programs, where we create personalised training programs to improve muscle and joint function, reduce pain, and enhance your physical well-being. Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to regain your mobility, our expert guidance will get you moving again.

Programs can focus on a single aspect of movement ability, or can address multiple trouble areas for a more holistic approach to overall fitness. Each program is crafted with consideration of your daily life, commitments, and starting points, as well as current evidence-based best practices, so you get the best of what science and practicality have to offer. 

Healthy Habit Coaching

Healthy habit coaching goes beyond exercise, providing the support and guidance you need to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life. Working together, we’ll help you identify the changes that will benefit you most and work with you to make these changes seamlessly, ensuring a lasting transformation. This is done using a step-by-step, measured approach, so there’s no major lifestyle overhauls. Instead, you get to focus on the skills and habits that will matter the most. 


Regular activity and exercise can transform the lives of people living with disability. Plans are designed to help build strength, stamina, and physical capacity; the goal is to help each person become as functional and independent as possible. More than a decade of experience thinking thinking outside the box means we are not limited to traditional gym environments.

HealthFit Coaching is accepting self-managed and plan-managed participants with physical disabilities and funding in the categories of Improved Daily Living Skills and Improved Health and Wellbeing. Regardless of your starting point, be confident that you can improve overall well-being, mobility, and independence through personalized and evidence-based exercise programs.