Listen Up! (To our new health and fitness podcast)

If you want to hear my real and unfiltered opinions on all things strength, cardio, and other workout and health and fitness trends… You can now listen in.

My good friend Dave Harvey has been at me for ages to do a podcast with him. We’ve finally done it! So we’d like to introduce Common Sense Fitness. You can joint us anywhere you get your podcasts. We’ll be covering all the trendy things in the health, fitness, and wellness arenas and removing the hype so you can figure out A) if something is really worthwhile and B) if it’s going to fit you and your lifestyle.

We’re just ramping up, so the library isn’t extensive. But we have lots of topics in the works, including:

  • How to get through tough workouts when you’d really rather stop
  • Why you need a flexibility practice
  • How the way you breathe can impact the way you feel, look, and perform
  • Long term exercise habits and how you can avoid plateaus and always continue to progress
  • Eating habits and social situations
  • Some of the ways we self-sabotage when working towards big health and fitness goals

Plus a whole lot more. We’re also open to answering your questions, so feel free to send them though by contacting me directly here on the Contact page.

What started this all? Between Dave and I, we have more than 20 year’s experience working with people in all sorts of fitness and wellness settings. We’ve always talked a lot about the things we see on a regular basis, what works and what doesn’t. The biggest challenge we’ve seen people have? That getting started with health and fitness is incredibly overwhelming. Our goal is to take away the confusion and help you get (or keep) moving.

Listen up and subscribe for new episodes, and we will provide you with simple solutions to make health, fitness, and wellness more achievable for daily life. Find our podcast Common Sense Fitness right here, or anywhere else you get your pods.

What do you think?