Introducing Common Sense Fitness

Common Sense Fitness, our (relatively) new podcast, is an audio version of this blog. Dave and I have (your hosts) have a driving desire to make exercise easier to start and easier to stick with, so you can get sustainable results. Our podcast takes on popular trends and long-accepted “how to”-s, takes away the hype, and lays out how you can make this information work for you. 

  • Want to know if you should do a specific type of workout? We can tell you who it’s good for. 
  • Interested in helping your body feel better? We’ll give you some ideas. 
  • Not sure how to pick a good gym? We’ve got you covered (and can let you in on a few secrets.)

If you’ve been wondering about anything to do with health, fitness, and wellbeing, send us an email. We love answering questions on the pod – it’s the best way to help people. As they say, if you have a question, chances are many others do to, so you’re doing people a favor. Nothing is too small or silly, so please don’t hesitate! 

The library isn’t extensive – yet. But we add a new show every week, and have some cool topics in the pipeline. And just like this blog, we’re more than happy to answer your questions about health, fitness, and wellbeing. Keen to check out Common Sense Fitness? You can find it here, or wherever you normally get your podcasts. 

About Dave and Erin, your podcast hosts 

Dave is a long-time group fitness instructor, qualified personal trainer, and running coach, as well as an avid runner/gym-er/and exerciser himself. He shares my drive to help people move better and feel better. One of the best things about Dave? He is super-amazing at making workouts fun and helping people enjoy themselves. 

And me? I’m Erin, an exercise physiologist and remedial massage therapist. This combination of work has helped me develop an in-depth understanding of how we move (or why we can’t!). I’ve been working in the industry for over a decade, and really get excited to see people start to feel better! The HealthFit Coaching blog is where I share the written versions of things we talk about on the podcast. If you’re keen to see your questions answered on the blog, contact me here.

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