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Do I really need a personal trainer? 

Whether or not you need a personal trainer comes down to a few factors. One, how confident are you in being in a gym, or in designing your own workouts? Two, how much accountability are you looking for? I’d argue that with a bit of instruction (the internet is full of great resources) anyone can set up their own gym program. 

But just because you can doesn’t mean you’ll want to, and that’s totally ok! There are a number of reasons why hiring a personal trainer might be good for you. I would consider it if… 

You want some accountability.

Most of us have days where we don’t really feel like making an effort. A set appointment with a trainer often means we’ll turn up even when we don’t want to. And everyone always feels better when it’s done! 

You want some company.

If gym isn’t your thing, it can be boring. Someone tagging along and keeping you company can make it a lot more fun, especially if you get along really well. 

You want a plan. 

I have written a thousand gym programs, and yet I pay someone to train me. I just want to turn up and do the work. As an added bonus, having someone else plan for you means that it’s more likely your weaker points will be addressed; when we create our own workouts, we gravitate towards the things we’re good at. 

You’re looking for some guidance. 

Gyms, and especially the weights areas, can be intimidating when you aren’t used to them. A personal trainer can be your guide to the gym the same way you might hire a guide to go on safari in Africa. They can show you around, teach you the local customs, keep you safe, and generally help you learn to be more comfortable in a new environment. For some people, working with a trainer is the confidence boost they need. For others, it’s just a bit of insight into a new gym. When I worked as a trainer, I would occasionally have clients hire me for a session right after they joined the gym. They just wanted an indepth tour and to learn the how-tos for some of the more unusual equiment we had. That’s just fine! 

Guidance can also mean teaching. Your trainer should be teaching you to do things correctly. Eventually it will sink it enough to the point where you could do it on your own if you wanted to. 

You do better with a little encouragement. 

This goes hand in hand with wanting a little guidance. Sometimes you might not be sure you’re doing things right, or safely. Having a trainer with you can make all the difference, not only in you trying, but how hard you try too.   

Overall, personal trainers are generally great if you are healthy, not dealing with any injury (old or new), and not entirely sure what you want to do or how to do it. Everyone has their own reasons for working with a trainer. If that’s what it takes to keep you moving, go and enjoy!

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  1. Yes, It is true A personal trainer is really important, a personal trainer can give you the tools and supports that you need to reach your health and fitness goals. They can provide support, Accountability, Education, and a personalized plan to attack. So you may find working with one worth the investment.

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