• Make Your Own Weights for At-Home Exercise

    Easy to make, easy to use, the DIY Milk Jug Weight is a great option for budget exercise equipment. The biggest hurdle that most of us have when it comes to working out at home is that we don’t have the equipment or space that we think we need. But it doesn’t actually take much… Read more

  • Three Great Benefits Of Hiking

    Want a workout you don’t have to think about? Head out for a hike! Every time my husband and I go hiking (bushwalking in Australia), I wonder why we don’t do it more often. It’s so many things I love. Good exercise, beautiful scenery, very relaxing – just a great time with friends and family.… Read more

  • Exercise in the Summer: Sweat Smart!

    Safely exercise in the heat with a few easy tips… New year, new you is definitely the trend at this time of year, and for those of us lucky enough to live in sunny Brisbane, there is always a trend towards taking your exercise outside. There is nothing wrong with that! But when the weather… Read more

  • Is a five minute workout actually effective?

    Is a five minute workout actually effective?

    Absolutely! But before I tell you about it, you have to promise do something: throw out the idea that your “workout” has to be long, hard, and sweaty. Now that you’ve thrown out the idea of the long-hard-sweaty workout, what’s left? Research has shown that multiple, short bursts of exercise are just as effective as… Read more